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M & A General Information

Different Buyers Call For Different Representation

At CBB, our team of M&A Intermediaries have successfully closed M&A transactions in the manufacturing, wholesale / distribution, energy, and service sectors. If you are considering buying or selling a business now or in the near future, contact Frank Stabler, CEO of our firm, to discuss how our expertise can help you achieve your objectives.

The differences between the sellers of $750,000 businesses and the sellers of multi-million dollar privately-held businesses are not typically significant. The larger size business means higher revenues, yet the personality and values of the owners are generally similar. However, the differences between the buyers of these two businesses are markedly different. Different tactics and strategies are needed to find buyers qualified to acquire and fund multi-million dollar transactions.

Middle-Market Mergers And Acquisitions

Bigger deals mean different buyers. As deal values rise to $2 million and higher, the buyer profile begins to change from primarily individuals to investment groups or other companies. These savvy groups are normally motivated to buy based on their own specific investment criteria, synergies with other investments, and investment return requirements. They may be a national or multinational group shopping for a new business platform, looking for new ways to extend an existing one, or looking for opportunities to fast-track into an existing market area or product line. Knowing how and where to find these buyers is important, as they typically do not publicly disclose their acquisition plans. It is these differences in buyer prospects that call for a different level of expertise working for you.

Targeted Marketing And Search Techniques

When you choose CBB’s M&A Advisory Group to represent you in the sale of your company, we take time to understand your objectives relating to financial goals, timing and transition. We work on your behalf as a member of the team that will help you reach your goal and be your trusted partner in all aspects of the transaction. We perform a thorough analysis and valuation of your company in order to determine if the time is right to consider selling.

We orchestrate the message that will be seen by qualified prospective buyers. We prepare a complete marketing package and a Confidential Business Review (CBR) which only qualified prospects will receive. We tailor the marketing package to present your business to the marketplace in a manner that will create a competitive bidding environment, enabling you to obtain maximum price for your company. We evaluate the market as well as our proprietary databases for the best prospects from the universe of strategic, industry and financial buyers, including private equity firms and investment groups in order to place your company in front of the appropriate audience. Our discreet, targeted, and proactive marketing procedures are built around a solid foundation of confidentiality, designed to protect the anonymity of your company. We screen all potential buyers to find the best strategic fit for your business, and we obtain a contractual confidentiality agreement with them before any detailed information about your company is revealed. CBB’s M&A specialists coordinate and lead all client-approved conferences, site visits and negotiation sessions to obtain optimal purchase proposals.

The Closing Phase

During this phase we coordinate negotiations, letters of intent, due diligence, and analyze financing options. CBB works in partnership with your legal and accounting team to orchestrate a definitive purchase agreement that finalizes all details of the transaction, including post-sale management transition.

CBB M&A Group Has the Skills You Need

Mergers and acquisitions at every level involve considerable teamwork and collaboration. You want a team with proven experience in completing large transactions in the national and international arena. They should have excellent team leadership to keep your objectives in focus and on track. You want a firm that has completed deals many times larger than your own, but who will treat you like their most valued client. We at CBB strongly believe that it’s about more than a business deal. Much more. It’s about people, and how the transaction affects their lives.