Real Estate Agent Referral Fees

Real Estate Referral Fees

If you are a licensed real estate agent, we will pay you a commission for referring business owners who want to sell their business. That's it, nothing more is required. You get paid when the business is sold and the deal is closed.

You get the referral commission, we do all the work!

When you refer a business owner to CBB, you can be confident that you are referring them to an experienced, professional organization. Our referral base consists of a large network of transaction-experienced attorneys and accountants, financial planners, lenders who provide financing for business acquisitions, past satisfied clients and customers, industry suppliers, trade associations, realtors, and commercial real estate firms.

How It Works

1) We Send You a Referral Agreement Form

2) Fill Out the Form with Business Owner Contact Info

3) You Get a Referral Fee When the Business is Sold


You refer a Business Owner to us.

We list the business at a 9% to 12% commission rate.

The business sells for $750,000.

Total commission earned is between $67,500 to $90,000

You get 10% of the total commission earned.

You receive a check for anywhere between $6,750 to $9,000.

It's That Easy!

Our Affiliations & Credentials

CBB actively supports and is a member of these professional organizations: