SOLD: Commercial Landscape Maintenance Company in NW Houston

From left to right: Buyer, Sellers, Peggy Tate (CBB Broker)

This commercial landscape maintenance company has been delivering high quality, consistent service to commercial property owners in the Houston area since 1989. After many years in the commercial landscaping business, the seller was ready to try something different, something that did not involve the responsibly for managing employees. He's going into commercial insurance.

The buyer already owns a thriving commercial landscaping business into which he occasionally merges smaller landscaping companies, which boosts his growth. The buyer and seller really hit it off and going forward, plan to actively assist each other in growing their respective businesses.

The business was sold within three months of going to market at 96% of asking price.

Frank Stabler listed the business and Peggy Tate sold it.

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SOLD: Landscape Maintenance & Installation Company in North Houston

From top to bottom, left to right: Sellers (2), Rose Stabler (CBB Broker), Buyers (3)

The Seller started this landscape installation and maintenance company in 2004. It operates in the rapidly growing Woodlands - Magnolia - Tomball corridor. The company offers a suite of services such as landscape maintenance, installation, fertilization, mulching and lighting. The guts of the business is run through an online program that puts automated billing, scheduling, crew tracking, and email marketing literally at your fingertips. The business operating system allows for scalability and substantial expansion potential and a recurring revenue base makes up greater than 60% of sales, which provides a stable platform for future growth.

The Buyer is the owner of a wholesale and retail nursery that operates in the same Woodlands - Magnolia - Tomball corridor as this landscaping company. With this acquisition the buyer will now have a full-service landscaping company that offers landscape products, landscape design and installation, and maintenance services.

The Seller and Buyer will be working together during the transition. Some seller financing was involved in the deal.

Rose Stabler listed and sold the business.

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SOLD: Systek Computing / Net Perspective

From left to right: Robert Karnes (Buyer), Craig & Carol Paull (Sellers) Craig Paull started Systek Computing in 1999 near the Bryan/College Station area. This managed IT solution provider delivers networking, instore/onsite computer repair services, graphics and web design and custom software to commercial and residential clients. The company has won numerous awards and has over 7000 customers, of which most are repeat clients. Other drivers of the company's value were a 15-year no-escalation lease in a perfect location, a long-term very well-trained staff, a stable recurring revenue stream from yearly maintenance contracts, and a niche market poised for growth.   The Buyer, Robert Karnes, had been looking for a business to purchase for a year prior to coming to our firm and this was the only business he looked at with us. Mr. Karnes is the president and owner of Field Services Integrated Solutions (FSIS), an IT company founded in 1986 and provides maintenance of satellite communication ne ...

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SOLD: BioTech Plumbing Services

From left-to-right: Floyd & Kevin Barentine (Buyers), Don & Marlene Allen (Sellers), Miles Keefer (Previous Owner still involved in the business), Tom Pence (CBB Broker)

This profitable commercial plumbing company, established in 1997, has served the Houston Metro area for 18 years, earning a solid reputation for quality and professionalism. The company primarily works for restaurants, malls and shopping centers providing bacterial eradication and plumbing services. The company has over 400 customers with around 500 locations. Master Plumber on staff will stay with new owner. Two other licensed plumbers and three licensed drain technicians are also on staff.

The Buyers are father and son, Floyd and Kevin Barentine. Kevin is a licensed plumber and has several years' experience in the industry. This business is the only one they looked at with our firm.

Since the sellers needed to move out of State, we were able to facilitate a sale within five months of going to market.

Tom Pence listed and sold the business.

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SOLD: First Class Children's Center

From left-to-right: Demond & Sheila Woods (Buyers), Kristi Shelley (Seller), Marcia Bowron (CBB Broker)

This beautiful, very large daycare center has recently been completely gutted, remodeled, and decorated similar to the big national daycare franchises. The Seller had to sell business for personal reasons. The Buyers got a great deal even though they paid over asking price because we had four full-price cash offers. The Seller "loves her kids" and was emotional about selling but had to.

The Buyers have owned another daycare in Pearland for the last two years and owned a martial arts school before that. Sheila is a professor of accounting at Devry and a local community college and Demond is in I.T. in an O&G company. Sheila has a director's license and Desmond is in the process of getting his also, just so they are prepared if needed. They are implementing some security and tuition paying processes immediately at First Class and very excited about taking advantage of the waiting list the seller had. They will be hiring new teachers immediately to be able to handle larger enrollment. Very exciting for them!

The business was sold within 1-1/2 months of going to market.

Marcia Bowron listed and sold the business.

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SOLD: Toys To Love

From left-to-right: Benjamin & Bailey Kinney (Sellers), Peggy Tate (CBB Broker), Katie & Trevor Meeks (Buyers)

Established in 1991, and located in an uptown center of Houston's Galleria area, this is a high-end, one-of-a-kind specialty toy store with a committed and loyal customer base. There is a general manager and a supervisor in place to run the operations leaving the new owner to concentrate on learning the business and planning for the future.

The seller has been in the toy business for many years and bought the store in 2008. She decided to sell it so she can become more involved with her very active children. The buyer, a CPA, started her career in public accounting. She recently had a baby, which requires more flexibility. The seller will continue to work in the store for six months to help mentor the new owner. She will also attend toy markets in other cities with her to introduce her around the toy industry and to otherwise show her the ropes. Both the seller and buyer are excited about working together in the transition. SBA financing for the deal was provided by Allegiance Bank.

Peggy Tate listed and sold the business.

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SOLD: Rent-A-Prep Staffing

The Seller, Cynthia Sutton, will be retiring and moving to Austin after training the Buyers, Danielle & Jonathan Schlech. The Schlechs wanted to return to Houston from Florida, and buying this business gave them that opportunity. Since the Seller was an absentee owner, the buyers felt that under their full-time efforts they would enjoy higher profitability and an excellent return on their investment. Due diligence went very smoothly, and since seller financing was part of the deal, we were able to get the deal closed within a month of signing the purchase contract.

This company is a very well-established hospitality staffing firm offering on-call professional wait staff, bartenders, bussers, dishwashers, and setup/tear down labor for trade shows and special events. Having been in business since 1987, they have a well-respected name and loyal customer base.

Marcia Bowron listed and sold the business.

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SOLD: Speedy Printing of Texas

This established, stable commercial printer has been around since 1974. The Seller, Nancy Barlow, had been working for the company 16 years and bought the business from her father about 8 years ago. Approximately 95% of its revenues are from well-diversified, repeat business accounts. The company has enjoyed very low employee turnover, several of whom have been with the company over two decades. With these value drivers, this is a low risk business, which is why Buyer, Ivette Chapman, with a BS in electronic engineering and a MBA in international business, decided to buy this company at 96% of asking price.

Peggy Tate listed and sold this business.

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SOLD: Direct Import Wholesale


This Houston wholesale company sells a variety of products to its retail business customers, currently 250 clients. The company has a warehouse with an office that's fully stocked with over 1500 products, and has a website for online sales. The Seller, Siraj Madraswala, who is moving out of state, will train the new owners and introduce them to the company's international suppliers.

The buyers, Mai Tuyet Do and T. Manh Tran, current owners of Exotic Ponds and Patios, a small importer and manufacturer of exotic garden and patio items, were looking for an acquisition that would complement their existing company. Direct Import fit the bill. This was the first and only business this buyer looked at with our firm. Some seller financing was included in the deal.

Tom Pence listed the business and sold it.

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SOLD: Luigi's Italian Restaurant

Pictured left to right: Mehdi & Leena Mir (Buyers), Carlito & Monica Figueiredo (Sellers)

The Sellers are Canadian citizens and own businesses here in the U.S., Canada, and in Asia. They, along with their extended family (who were all business owners and clients of ours here at CBB for whom we sold Fish City Grille, Malibu Steakhouse, and Tuscany Italian Grill) all decided that they'd be moving back to Canada and needed to sell this business.

The buyers had been looking for quite some time with another brokerage firm to find a restaurant that fit their criteria, but grew wary of the firm's sales tactics. Once they came to us we were able to find them a restaurant relatively close to their home that was being run as semi-absentee and fit their investment objectives. The buyer made an exit from his oilfield-related position and wanted to run his own business on a part time basis. Luigi's, a cozy Italian restaurant, was an excellent fit.

This business was sold within five months of going to market.

Ryan DeGennaro listed the business and sold it.

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