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SOLD: Dew Florals

Dew Florals had been operating since 2003 and Seller, Elaine Yi, was ready to think about running a business in a different industry. Buyers, Trevino & Orofino, have 20+ years in the industry and live in the general market area of the shop. The are renaming the business to Red Stem Florists. They've established a beautiful online website to gain additional market share from the area. Be sure to check out the new website: www.redstemflorist.com
Ryan DeGennaro listed and sold the business.

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SOLD: Brazilian Grain Coffee

In 2014 Carlos & Vivian De Cunha opened this authentic Brazilian food and coffee venue that transports you to the streets of Rio during Carnival with its atmosphere. With WiFi available, many business and student customers spent time sipping lattes while working on their laptops and iPads. But the Cunha's other, larger restaurant in Brazil needed their attention, meaning they had to sell the business.

The buyers are partners together in ownership of Brown Bag Deli, a multi-location deli chain in Houston, and wanted to use this great location for their other restaurant concept, LouLou's Beignets.

The Buyers offered this quote:

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SOLD: Howard Safe & Lock

This locksmith company was started in 1946 by the Seller's uncle. In 1968, when Roy, the Seller was a teenager, he started working in the business. Then, in 1988, he and his wife, Janice, bought the company from his uncle. Altogther, Roy has worked in the business 47 years!

Dan, the buyer, has worked in small family-owned businesses before but never one of his own. Although Janice and Roy were eager to start traveling together, they agreed to continue working in the business on a part-time basis for as long as Dan wants them around. Dan said, "As far as I'm concerned, Roy is still the boss and I'm just a manager trainee."

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SOLD: Premier Garage

As part of the largest whole-home organization franchise in the nation, Tailored Living, the company provides personal design services using 3-D software, manufactures and constructs, and professionally installs closet and storage organization systems for all areas of the home. This industry is projected to increase 4% annually to $9.4 billion by 2017. This franchise has won the prestigious "Best of 2014" for "client satisfaction" and "design." The franchise was also featured on one of NBC's "home rescue" reality shows.

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