The owners of this San Antonio based janitorial company had the desire to spend more time in philanthropy and working with children with disabilities. They had been building the janitorial business since 2011 and focused exclusively on commercial clients. They chose CBB to sell their business with the mandate to find a buyer that would take care of their employees and maintain the sterling reputation of the company.

CBB found two partners with a deep background in facility services that were looking to acquire a janitorial company as a platform for growth. One of the partners had previously built a facility services company into a large multi-national entity, sold the company and was looking to do it again. This janitorial company met the high standards of the buyers and the buyers met the high expectations of the sellers. The transaction was completed smoothly and quickly. Even with many businesses being shut down due to the coronavirus, all parties were motivated to finalize this great deal and the sale was closed on March 31st.

Frank Stabler listed and sold the business.