This residential remodeling company has been in business for 38 years and services the upper-class professional areas in the Medical Center, West University, and Bellaire areas of Houston. 

The company regularly has a backlog of work with clients that are willing to wait. The company does no advertising and has no website - 100% of the jobs come from word-of-mouth and has had steady growth year-over-year. Their strength comes from a superior workforce and a solid / loyal client base. Top remodeling services are Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation, Siding / Stucco, Roof, Fencing / Landscape, Repair Work & Painting. 

Pictured from left to right: Buyers (father & son), Fernando Saldivia (CBB Broker), Seller, and Rose Stabler (CBB Broker - not pictured).

SBA financing by Wells Fargo was part of the deal.

Rose Stabler listed the business and Fernando Saldivia sold it.