This charming restaurant has become an icon in its prominent coastal community. The owner, with 40+ years of restaurant experience, created a finely tuned process that has proven successful with positive profit in every economic cycle over the last 13 years. There are 3 water-accessible developments within a half mile that are selling homes at $700,000 to $1.5 million.


The specifically-crafted menu, including multiple signature dishes, ranges from Angus steaks and exquisite seafood to Cuban sandwiches and American hamburgers. The dining room offers intimate leather booths, the festive patio provides outdoor dining and a separate room allows for private group dining. The full bar offers an extensive selection of mixed drinks and an enticing selection of wine and beer. The buyer will benefit from recently revamped signs and logo, fresh paint, new carpet, new a/c units, refurbished rest rooms, a complex web-based video system for monitoring off premises via cell phone, and a POS computer system that has replacement warranties for new computers as they age. This casual yet upscale restaurant has a total seating area for 233 and has everything in place for a buyer to step into a successful, smooth running operation.
The owner started this restaurant 13 years ago and was ready for retirement.
The buyer is a husband/wife team with 30 years of restaurant experience and will be moving from Texarkana to the Houston area. SBA Financing was part of the deal.
Anita Charpiot listed the business and Marcia Bowron sold it.