This commercial pool management company in Houston provides pool renovations and repairs, leak detection, lifeguard services, cleaning, bead blasting, consulting services, chemical and parts sales and distribution. The customer base consists of Homeowners Associations, Property Management Companies, Civic & Property Owners Associations, Country Clubs, Private Clubs, Fitness Clubs, Apartments, Hotels, Colleges, Universities, and School Districts. Ninety percent of the customer base is contractual with automatic renewals. The owners were not involved in day-to-day activities since a full management team took care of operations. 


Pictured left-to-right, Sellers (2), Buyer, Seller(1), Rose Stabler (CBB Broker)

After 12 years of working together to build this exceptional company, the three partners each were interested in exploring other business interests.
We coordinated the dissemination of information in a manner that would result in receiving offers within a defined timeline.  We had three offers tendered on the same day and were able to choose the party that best represented our anticipated deal terms.  The three buyers were from varied categories -- an out-of-state investment group, a national property management company, and a local business owner.
The local business owner was the best fit.  Although this business was qualified for SBA financing, the buyer had his own sources to fund the acquisition.
The business was sold within 4 months of going to market.
Rose Stabler listed the business and sold it.

Testimonial from the CEO, Tommy Berretz:

I interviewed with several brokerage firms in the Houston area.
But when I spoke with Rose, she was more thorough in learning
about my business and our goals for our firm. She explained the
entire valuation and sale process in great detail that no one else
had spent time to do. From what she learned about our company
she indicated she'd be able to sell our business within six to nine
months, but she delivered in four months!