For more than 40 years, this Company has formulated and manufactured hundreds of products. For the last 25 years it has served the specialty food market with products focused on obesity, diabetes, and heart-healthy living. It was the largest supplier to the Atkins Diet. The Company sells almost 200 exclusive food products that have no refined sugars, yet satisfy the cravings for sugar. The Company's assets include the proprietary formulas, trademarks, and the equipment necessary to grow its market. Many of the formulas are suitable for licensing to others to increase the return on these assets. The Company has a strong distributor network and has developed and produced privately-labeled products for major resellers. The Company has many long-term repeat customers, including over 10,000 retail customers. The Company recently started producing and packaging food products developed by other manufacturers ("Co-packing"). This part of the company is showing particular potential for growth as smaller manufacturers often cannot afford to build a facility of their own to FDA specifications. Given the potential market for their existing products, and their well-established position in the market, the potential for growth is substantial.
The buyer, with a BBA in Finance from Texas A&M, only looked at one business with us.  He's owns and operates an online food business established since 1995.  This acquisition adds many operational efficiencies and increases market share.
The business was sold within 7 months of going to market.
Peggy Tate listed and sold the business.