The CBB Team takes great pride in providing personalized, professional service to each of our clients and bringing buyers and sellers together. So, we thought we’d share.

Buyers, Carlos Margiotta, and his brother/partner Juan Pablo Margiotta are from Brazil. Carlos has lived and gone to school in the States and his brother hopes to move here within 3-4 months. Carlos will manage the store. He has a BS in Music and a Masters in Accounting. He’s worked in the fast food industry during his school years and worked for two accounting firms after college. The two brothers have always wanted to own a business and work for themselves. They began looking at business opportunities with CBB in May 2014, and achieved their dream within nine months.

The Seller, Karim Haji, owns somewhere in the vicinity of 17 fast food franchises, such as Great Wraps, Charlie’s, and Bullritos. He has bought and sold numerous businesses through CBB over the years. This Great Wraps store was the last of the franchises in which he had a partner and was pleased to have the energetic brothers take over.

Marcia Bowron listed and sold the business.