This learning center is the largest protected territory by this franchisor. It has high profit margins and has a 25-year history as the first of this franchise in the State of Texas.   Buyer, Teresa Lin, was an attorney and had previous business ownership experience. The Lins had been looking for over two years for the right business they could own and she could jump into and at the same time spend time raising her children.  Huntington was a good fit because it has a center Director, which would free Teresa from having to be at the center full time.  SBA loan approval, landlord approval, and due diligence processes went extremely well thanks to the very tenacious buyers.


The sellers, the McClures have two young children with whom Meg wanted to spend most of her time.  Mike, Meg's husband, who handles the financial side of the business, was one of the most organized sellers.  Even in QuickBooks he kept track of the personal expenses we'd need to add back to the earnings. So doing the recasting of the financials was very easy.  Such organization and attention to detail made all the dealings with the landlord and the franchisor run smoothly.

The business sold within three months of going to market.

Marcia Bowron listed and sold the business.