This metal fabrication company primarily serves the oil and gas manufacturing sector. It holds several patents related to materials handling equipment which results in the fabrication of proprietary equipment for use in refineries. These patents continue to generate revenue and were included in the sale. The firm's history dates back to the 1970's with the same owner. In addition to the energy sectors, the firm also does some work in architectural metal fabrication. The 23,000 SF Houston manufacturing facility and 100,000SF land area were part of the sale.


The Buyer, Ranit Windlass of Windlass Oil Equipment, is part of a family with fabrication and distribution operations in Houston, Atlanta, and India. The buyer plans to relocate their existing Houston distribution operation to the new facility for growth and expansion purposes. The site is well located to accommodate the buyer's current and future plans. Also attractive to the buyer, was that the seller was willing to consider a sizable amount of seller financing. The seller knew that financing a portion of the deal was a good investment. He felt it was advantageous for tax purposes to receive a major piece of the proceeds over time with interest.


The business was sold within six months of going to market.

Doug Ashby listed the business and sold the business.