Ms. Patel, the Buyer, also purchased another business from CBB in July 2013. Her husband, Sam, works in corporate world. Ms. Patel will continue working at the other business, and will be able to run the party rental business from there via phone and internet. Her other family members and employees will deliver and be customer facing.

Seller, Ms. Keeley, was very organized and quick to respond to buyer questions and needs during due diligence. We were able to close within two weeks of getting the contract to purchase. Keeley moved to Austin a year and a half ago and has a shaved ice business in Georgetown and hopes to grow it into a franchise.

A note from Ms. Keeley:

Marcia, Thanks so, so much! Considering I just found your company (CBB) on the internet, I took a leap of faith that you were legit. I know nothing about how to sell a business, and got a price that I am more than happy with in less than 30 days. You have absolutely made my year! When it comes time to sell my hula cowgirl franchise chain of 1000 stores- you will be the one I call! Regards, Virginia

Marcia Bowron listed the business and sold the business.