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Certified Business Brokers have quickly, profitably and smoothly sold hundreds of businesses for these exceptional owners.

SOLD: Howard Safe & Lock

This locksmith company was started in 1946 by the Seller's uncle. In 1968, when Roy, the Seller was a teenager, he started working in the business. Then, in 1988, he and his wife, Janice, bought the company from his uncle. Altogther, Roy has worked in the business 47 years!

Dan, the buyer, has worked in small family-owned businesses before but never one of his own. Although Janice and Roy were eager to start traveling together, they agreed to continue working in the business on a part-time basis for as long as Dan wants them around. Dan said, "As far as I'm concerned, Roy is still the boss and I'm just a manager trainee."

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SOLD: Premier Garage

As part of the largest whole-home organization franchise in the nation, Tailored Living, the company provides personal design services using 3-D software, manufactures and constructs, and professionally installs closet and storage organization systems for all areas of the home. This industry is projected to increase 4% annually to $9.4 billion by 2017. This franchise has won the prestigious "Best of 2014" for "client satisfaction" and "design." The franchise was also featured on one of NBC's "home rescue" reality shows.

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SOLD: Advantage Travel, Inc.

Advantage Travel, Inc. is an established, well-known travel agency in Houston for 30 years with a solid base of loyal commercial clients. When Toni Meliti, the owner, decided to join her husband, Alan, in retirement, she chose CBB to handle the sale process. Vernon Tyger, a CPA and management consultant, determined that the agency would be a great fit, combining his desire to own a successful business with his love for travel. Vernon's wife, Lynn, is a travel agent and will assist Vernon in running the agency.

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SOLD: Turk Inan Salon

The buyer, Ms. Vargas, looked at only one business with us, Turk Inan Salon. It is strategically located inside the loop with employees already in place. The salon has an exclusive lease on hairstyling services in the center. A great location, great build-out, a great client base, and room for three more employees.

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SOLD: Club Max

Club Max was was purchased by Ms. McMillan in 1987. She had immigrated to Houston in order to do so. The business is a small neighborhood bar that has had the same regulars for many years, many of the regulars' sons and daughters also became regulars. She says there are families that have three generations that visit the establishment together.

The buyer, Mr. Ayers, started looking for a business with us in January and looked at a total of eight business. He looked at Club Max the day it went on the market and was under contract within a few days, and it was sold in 30 days.

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SOLD: Sugarland Party Rentals

Ms. Patel, the Buyer, also purchased another business from CBB in July 2013. Her husband, Sam, works in corporate world. Ms. Patel will continue working at the other business, and will be able to run the party rental business from there via phone and internet. Her other family members and employees will deliver and be customer facing.

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SOLD: Blackjack's Bar & Grill

This was a rare opportunity to acquire a Northwest Houston neighborhood restaurant & bar in an established but growing area. This eatery serves high quality food and offers a full selection of beer, wine & spirits in a family-friendly environment. The chef-inspired menu features pizza, burgers, buffalo wings, fresh soups, salads and more. The layout allows patrons to sit in either a large bar area, a separate booth and table area for those wanting a quieter environment, or an outside covered patio to enjoy the weather. Many customers come to watch sporting events on the 21 TVs, play the video & trivia games offered, or to relax at happy hour. The staff is extremely well trained and many have been working at the restaurant for several years. The liquor license will be transferred to the new owner. The former owner, Luther Underwood, who has another businesses to run,

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SOLD: Menchie's Frozen Yogurt

This like-new yogurt franchise in Kingwood was sold within five months of going to market. The Buyers, residents of Kingwood, looked at only two businesses and realized that this would be the perfect family business for them. Jay Yoo listed the business and Doug Ashby sold it.

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SOLD: Bulk Material Equipment

This metal fabrication company primarily serves the oil and gas manufacturing sector. It holds several patents related to materials handling equipment which results in the fabrication of proprietary equipment for use in refineries. These patents continue to generate revenue and were included in the sale. The firm's history dates back to the 1970's with the same owner. In addition to the energy sectors, the firm also does some work in architectural metal fabrication. The 23,000 SF Houston manufacturing facility and 100,000SF land area were part of the sale.

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SOLD: Fairfield Hair Studio

After starting this full-service Houston-area salon nine years ago, Ms. Nguyen is getting married and will be moving out of State. Which meant she had to sell her business.

Buyers, Tiffany & Manny, knew what they were looking for and this was it.

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