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Financing and Tax Implications of Selling Your Business

Taking the time to research the financing and tax implications of a sale can provide you with a strong advantage come negotiation time.

Before you can understand the importance of negotiating a final small business sale agreement, it pays to brush up on facts about how sales are financed and how proceeds are taxed. Why? Because every decision regarding the payment structure affects when and how money transfers from the buyer to the seller and how the payments are taxed.

No one is asking you to become a financing or tax pro. That's what your sale advisors do, and you'll want to call on their advice through every step from here through to the closing of your deal and the transition of your business to its new owner.

But knowing some basic information will help you understand the advice you're receiving from those who are trained and up-to-date on the legal, financial, and tax implications of small business sales.

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Thinking About Buying a Business? Do You Have the Right Attitude Genes?

Are you thinking about taking the leap of faith into being part of the self-employed -- into business ownership? If you are one of those people who have long yearned to be self-employed, to call your own shots and design your own destiny, you must break through all those yeah-buts that have been stopping you. Business ownership may not be for everyone, but it is definitely the only way to go for those who have realized the American Dream by having achieved a satisfying lifestyle through business ownership. Successful business owners share certain character traits that helped them get there. They have what it takes to overcome obstacles -- to assess situations -- a can-do attitude. First, let's discuss three types of attitudes. 1) The Self-Protective Type -- This person mostly wants to be comfortable. They work hard to avoid risk, play it safe, fly under the radar, avoid pain and seek a routine comfort level. This probably describes most people to some degree. We all feel certain levels of comfort i ...

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The Key Benefits of Using a Business Broker to Sell a Business

Selling a business is usually a very intimidating and time-consuming process. There may be legal, tax, accounting, and regulatory issues to address. Business brokers and agents deal with these issues and negotiate business deals on a daily basis. They are professionals with a fiduciary duty to you, and they are authorized to act on your behalf in coordinating the transaction. Experience and Skillful Negotiators For many people, selling a business is not an event that occurs often. A competent business broker has spent several years developing an understanding of the current market and acquisition process, and he or she can assist you in pricing and marketing your business. A broker has access to recent sales histories on similar companies which help to determine an unbiased and accurate assessment of your business. Furthermore, a broker handles the technical aspects of the sale such as structuring the transaction and liaising with other professionals that help in the selling process. Profession ...

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