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What is the Purpose of Small Business?

According to Dr. Jerry Osteryoung, a professor at Florida State University, the purpose of business is to serve others who have a vested interest in its success, such as its employees and investors, because they are the ones who suffer the most if the business fails. To fully understand my response, one must first read the Professor's Full Article as follows: When I was in classes getting my PhD. in finance, my professors told me over and over, “The purpose of a business is to make money for its owners.” Unfortunately, I cannot tell you how many times I repeated this mantra to my students over the years. Now, however, I have a very different opinion on the subject. A firm cannot stay in business just to make money for its owners at the exclusion of everything or everyone else. If an entrepreneur takes the attitude that he or she deserves to make all of the money, the business will suffer and will most likely crash and burn. Just consider who stands to lose the most when a business fails ...

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How to Build Recurring Revenue: a Key to a Valuable Business

Recurring revenue is the holy grail for business owners looking to have a valuable and sellable company. Learn how to secure stable and predictable cash flow in your business.

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Master Ten Value Drivers to Sell Your Business at the Highest Price

Evaluate your company through the eyes of a buyer. Master these ten value drivers and sell at the higher range of the multiples normally associated with your industry.

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