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Selling a Small Business is Unlike Selling Anything Else You Can Imagine!

Family and private businesses are sold in an environment that is unlike the selling environment of anything else you can imagine! Sound surprising? After you review the following ten reasons that make selling a business different than selling anything else, perhaps you will agree. When the decision is made to sell and the sale is properly conducted, a business is sold for the best price and terms without anyone ever having known it was for sale. (1) Confidentiality Making the decision to sell one's business is a difficult enough task in itself. However, once the decision is made how do you sell it without anyone knowing it's for sale? Adverse things can and do occur when people know, or think they know, a business is for sale. Confidentiality must be maintained. Here's why. Employees get nervous and may leave for more stable employment. They believe that the "new broom will sweep clean." That may be true in public company acquisitions but is generally not true in private small business ...

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How Can I Increase the Value of My Business Without Incurring Costs?

This is a common question from business owners who are thinking about selling. While there are many ways to increase business value without incurring costs, the following quote sums it up in a nutshell. It is relevant to any business and will spark the thought process for a DIY project. "Every business has something that drains resources without delivering value back. This is dead weight the business is fighting against to stay afloat. Dead weight could be the rock star sales rep of three years ago that now spends more time on Farmville than rainmaking. It could be a product that never launched but is held onto for sentimental value. It could be an expensive vendor that no one takes the time to replace. The dead weight that's the hardest to recognize and drop, though, is a philosophy that no longer matches the reality of the business or its customers." -- Charlie Gilkey Copyright 2007-2013. All articles are authored by Rose Stabler unless otherwise noted. Certified Business Brokers, Texas All Rights ...

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