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Overcoming Declining Revenue Trends When Selling a Business

The decision to finally sell the business is just the beginning of the sale process. While it is common for business owners to feel emotionally fatigued and ready to move on by the time the business is up for sale, it is important that they stay engaged during the entire sale process and not turn away from the day-to-day operations of the business. Why? The tell-tale declining revenue trend is a lurking danger that usually strikes when the owner is not looking.

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Buying a Business - Are You a Real Buyer?

Statistics indicate that only about one out of 15 buyers looking for a business to purchase actually ever buys one (Business Brokerage Press, August 2009). Therefore, it is standard practice for business owners and brokers to separate the real buyers from the rest. These indicators will help you determine in which buyer type you may be categorized: People who are serious about being in business for themselves realize that they will really be the proverbial “chief cook and bottle washer.” Too many prospective business owners want to be the Chief Executive Officer of the business. Being the CEO of your own business doesn’t mean that you sit behind the big desk and plan on how to increase the price of the business’ stock. It means that you will be changing light bulbs, emptying the trash, stocking shelves – and everything else that needs to done in running a business. That’s what it takes to own and manage one’s own business. Real buyers understand that they wil ...

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Valuation - The First Step Towards Selling Your Business

Just as an athlete might get a physical to determine their preparedness for a marathon, you should also measure your Company's fitness for the marketplace. A valuation is an unbiased examination of your company's marketability and helps you pinpoint where your company is in its business cycle. It is the foundation, the meat and bones, on which a business owner can base their readiness to sell.

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So You Want to be Your Own Boss – Buy an Existing Business

The boomer generation spans many years creating a unique situation in the business world. Aging boomers are looking toward retirement, while many younger boomers find they’re ready to be their own boss. For those younger boomers, and others looking to be a business owner, buying an existing business is a great option. But be aware that buying a business is a timely process. Some buyers never find the right opportunity, while others spend too much time exploring too many options. Consider a step-by-step approach to get you where you want to be – owning your own business.   Steps to Own Your Own Business through a business purchase Ask yourself some important questions – Why do I want to be an owner? What types of activities do I like? What lifestyle is important for me? You’ll also want to be sure to include your family as part of the assessment. Line up a team of professional advisors – Alert your attorney, accountant and financial advisors that you are lo ...

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