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Price or Terms: Negotiating the Sale of a Business

It's not just about the price tag. The terms and structure are what makes a deal. An old saying in negotiating the sale of a business goes like this: The buyer says to the seller, "You name the price, and I get to name the terms." Another saying used to explain the actual value of the term full price: "If we could find you a business that nets you $250,000 a year after debt service, and you could buy it for $100 down, would you really care what the full price was?"

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The Benefits of Buying Vs. Starting A Business

So you want to be your own boss. Consider the options – work as an independent contractor…start your own business…buy an existing company. Certainly there are pros and cons to each option. If you do a careful analysis, you’ll learn what many seasoned entrepreneurs have discovered…the risk-to-reward ratio is tipped in your favor when you purchase an existing business. Admittedly, as an independent contractor, your risk is minimal. The up front investment and overhead costs are limited. However, without the ability to leverage the work of an employee base, the returns are limited by your own personal capacity. Starting a business of your own can pay great dividends, but it’s important to understand that the risks are significant. Most start-up businesses will falter and eventually die. According to Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth Revisited, 40 percent of new businesses fail in the first year and 80 percent fail within five years. On the other hand, purchas ...

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Houston's Top Standing in U.S.

We've been touting the Houston Economy and marketplace for years. But don't just take our word for it. You'll enjoy watching this YouTube production that struck a chord with people across the country and has become an online hit. See why everyone is talking about Houston!

Watch the YouTube Video

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