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Value Driver #1: Recurring Revenue - Stable and Predictable Cash Flow

Recurring revenue is the holy grail for business owners looking to have a valuable and sellable company. A customer base with a subset of recurring revenue that is contractual and repeating in nature increases the probability that the business will have stable, predictable revenues and cash flow into the future. From a buyer’s perspective, this reduces future risk and therefore enhances perceived value. The value associated with acquiring the available cash flow is directly related to risk. The lower the risk of losing that cash flow in a transfer of ownership, the higher the price will be to acquire it. Any factor that reduces risk is rewarded with transaction value.  Although all recurring revenue will have a positive impact on business value, some forms are more desirable than others.

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Who Will Lead The Recovery? Start With Texas

The debate between Richard Florida and Joel Kotkin on the future of the U.S. economy proves yet again that experts usually have trouble agreeing on anything. But when it comes to predicting what place will lead the country to a solid economic recovery, forecasters are all on the same page: Nobody's messing with Texas.

Although the economy has slowed in recent months, the prospects for a robust recovery are still looking up for the Lone Star State. Texas gained 14,000 jobs in June even as employment fell in 27 other states, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That brought Texas's total for the first half of 2010 to 178,700 -- more than twice that of any other state.

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