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Build a Business Plan When You Buy A Business

An essential part of any business is its plan for success. Your business plan lays the foundation and groundwork for your new venture.

Business Plans are a standard requirement by lending institutions, including SBA lenders, when pursuing financing for a business acquisition. However, business plans should be looked at as part of the bigger picture, as an architectural blueprint, the guide that will elevate your enterprise to the level you envision.

The discipline of constructing a business plan gives you the opportunity to examine and understand the challenges ahead and generate realistic expectations for your new business. This involves cohesively organizing your business ideas and financial needs and aligning them with detailed marketing and management plans that conform to your budgetary constrictions.

How far ahead should business plans look? A three year prospectus is standard since circumstances can change over long periods of time. Business plans should also include contingency plans since investors or lenders will want to know how the company will continue operations should something happen to the owner.

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When Is The Right Time To Sell A Business?

There are many factors that determine best timing for selling a small business -- the financial condition of the company, valuation, growth cycle, profit history, and the current market. Value is dynamic and proper timing makes a big difference in the prices paid for business acquisitions. External factors such as the economy, the mergers-and-acquisitions marketplace, industry trends, competition, stock market volatility, investor confidence, interest rates, and geopolitical considerations are cycles of constant change that impact value. Internal conditions within a company also change. Often in combination with external factors, sometimes independent of those factors. Changes do, and will, occur and they always tend to impact business value -- sometimes eroding value and sometimes increasing value. So how should you start thinking objectively about the best time to sell? A good visual of right-timing would be to imagine the life of your business plotted as a bell curve with the peak being the t ...

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