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Houston From A Chicago Point Of View

I found this post by Chicago Addick interesting and comical as he describes the wonders of Houston from a Northerner's point of view. The writer seemed amused, amazed, appreciative, and condescending all at the same time: Houstonians spend more time in their cars than their homes and perhaps then understandably spend more money on their car loan repayments than their mortgages! Houston sprawls for over 600 miles and is connected by a spaghetti of freeways and highways. Two million people live in America's fourth biggest city that grew from wilderness to a booming economic centre. Only New York is home to more Fortune 500 company headquarters. In 1901, a year after displaced Texans from coastal Galveston moved inland to Houston following a deadly hurricane, oil was discovered at the Spindletop oil field near Beaumont. Much money was then invested in the ship canals and later into the formation of the Port of Houston, now the largest in foreign imports in the US, which includes nearly all European cars ...

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Got Business? Houston Does -- Here's Why!

The Houston metropolitan area ranked fourth in the nation for overall population growth between 2006 and 2007, according to new census data released last month. The increase is attributed to our job market and booming economy. We have full-occupancy in our Class A office space, and we have experienced the #1 job-growth rate in the country (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) due to the opportunities available in our expanding market. Barton Smith, a University of Houston economist, said about two-thirds of Houston growth is from migration from other states. "That only happens when the economy is doing substantially better than other places," Smith said. "Houston's economy is going to continue to outperform the national economy in a significant way, so when unemployment starts to creep up in other parts of the country, many people are going to leave Michigan and Ohio and Florida and look for jobs here." Many Texas cities enjoy a strong economy and low unemployment and as a result Gov. Rick Perry annou ...

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Inc. Magazine - "It's a Seller's Market for Buying Businesses."

It's all about supply and demand. Potential buyers and sources of capital for the acquisition of profitable privately-held companies is plentiful while the supply of businesses on the market is not. This makes a profitable, established business a hot commodity and in demand. Inc. Magazine spells it out in this month's issue, "The Most Valuable Businesses in America." During my first conversation with Darren Dahl in February, in preparation for his writing the article for Inc. Magazine, he wanted to understand what drives the value of a business and why some businesses are more desirable than others. I first described the Houston marketplace, which enjoys one of the top economies in the nation. Location, location, location is always a value driver, and a business location is no exception. I've been writing about Houston's hot economic climate for over a year now and told Mr. Dahl that Houston is a "bulls eye" target for business acquisitions because of it. We cannot satiate the marketplace of buyer ...

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Selling Your Business - Exit Strategy Seminar

Certified Business Brokers (CBB) will host a breakfast Exit Strategy Seminar on April 10, 2008 in Houston's Galleria Area. The seminar team will consist of CBB's M&A Group, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Advisors, as well as Tax, Legal, and Accounting professionals. The seminar will cover key issues surrounding the successful sale of a privately-held company: Maximize your company's value. Who would be the most likely buyer? Understand the sale process. Plan for retirement. When is the right time to sell? Minimize post-sale taxes. The seminar is free. Breakfast will begin at 7:00 AM and the presentation will begin at 7:30 AM and be completed by 9:00 AM. For details about location and to reserve your seat, please email or call our office at 713-680-1200. People put tremendous thought into launching a business. They should put equal planning into selling one. Typically, business owners are so busy handling daily operations that they give lit ...

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