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Rocketing Houston Economy -- Small Business 101

Ayn Rand's John Galt could not have built a better machine than Houston's sturdy economic engine of today. In her epic novel, "Atlas Shrugged," published 50 years ago, manufacturing and transportation were Rand's focal points in the plot to stop the engine of the world. She understood the importance of business growth, entrepreneurialism, and free market capitalism. "Texas is a land of buccaneering capitalism." (The Economist, 12/19/02). In addition to having a low cost of living and a great quality of life, Texas has one of the nation's most favorable business environments. According to Forbes' new 2007 rankings published this month, Texas is in the Top five best states for business for the second year running. Another media outlet, CNBC, a financial news cable channel, this month designated Texas as the #2 state for business in their July 2007 press release. CNBC evaluated each state on 40 measures of competitiveness in 10 categories: Cost of doing business, work force, economy, education, quality of lif ...

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Top Reasons for Business Failure July 8th, 2007 by Stefan Töpfer While most people believe that most small businesses and home businesses fail, this is not true. The Small Business Administration or SBA reports that at least two thirds of new businesses survive the first two years. While 44% are able to complete their fourth anniversary.A survey by Murphy Associates, Your Marketing Department, states that there are several reasons why small businesses fail and the most common being the lack of cash flow and the inability of manage funds in an effective manner. In fact 82% of businesses that fail do so due to this reason.The survey also states that 78% of businesses fail because they don’t have a viable business plan and have not considered financial and management aspects of the business in an organized and thorough manner. 60% of small businesses that have closed down state that it is because they have not been able to follow their business plan in a practical manner.Some of the other reasons include ineffect ...

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To Build, To Franchise, or to Buy an Existing Business......That is the Question

Should you be the architect of a new business and start from scratch, buy a new franchise, or buy an established existing business? Every year, thousands of people consider going into business for themselves and these are the three routes to get there. Each course has advantages and disadvantages that one should consider.

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Selling a Business -- The Numbers Game and Finding a Buyer

One of the most time consuming tasks performed by business brokers in the process of selling a business is filtering through the mass of inquiries and databases of registered buyers to find qualified prospects. So, why does it take such a considerable amount of time in the qualifying process? Some people may think the quantity of buyers interested in buying a certain type of business is most important. Others may think the quality of buyers is most important, regardless of quantity. But, in reality, both are very important, keeping in mind that the key word is "qualified" buyer. You need to start with quantity to get to quality. In the interest of highlighting key factors considered in the qualifying process we utilized a simplified scenario and used national industry statistical data to help tell the following story. Let's assume we are selling a $1,000,000 commercial janitorial service on the north side of Houston and have a field of 100 active buyers interested in buying a B2B service company ...

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