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Are You The Best Boss For Your Business

Leadership November 26, 2007, 11:35AM EST text size: TT Are You the Best Boss for Your Business? Bakery Barn saw explosive growth in five short years, becoming a $6 million company. Now the founder thinks it's time for a new leader by Kerry Miller The way Sean Perich tells it, the history of his company, Bakery Barn, is a typical entrepreneurial success story. He was a CPA and longtime weight lifter who turned sweat, determination, and a homemade protein cookie into a $6 million business in less than five years. For Perich, the breakthrough moment came in 2003, when Bakery Barn started selling its baked protein products through contract manufacturing deals with larger brands. The company's first and biggest client, Apex Fitness, now sells Apex-branded Bakery Barn protein cookies and cookie bars at hundreds of 24-Hour Fitness gyms and other major outlets such as GNC and 7-Eleven. Perich's senior management team at Bakery Barn is the same "ragtag bunch" that has been with him since the beginning: ...

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Houston Economy -- Medical and Health Related Sectors

Houston, the home of the World's largest medical center, is getting bigger.The Texas Medical Center in Houston is in the midst of the largest expansion in its 60-year history, with planned projects through 2014 totaling more than $7 billion, officials announced this month. The center's square footage is already greater than the square footage of downtown El Paso, Fort Worth and San Antonio combined.According to U.S. Census projections, Houston's population is estimated to grow by two million residents in the next two decades and the medical center's planned growth is keeping pace with the city's future needs. The construction of new hospitals, clinics, research labs and other facilities is projected to create 30,000 more jobs over the next seven years, which will include high-paying quality jobs. The newly passed amendment this month to the Texas State constitution to create and fund the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas to the tune of $300 million a year for 10 years will be a boon to Houston ...

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Selling Your Small Home-Based Business

Can You Sell Your Home-Based Business? The value of a business depends mainly on the earnings it produces, with the expectation that those earnings will continue into the future should a new owner take the helm. It also depends on having something valuable to sell that allows those earnings to be produced. So, if you have a small home-based business, here are some questions that can help you determine if your business has value in the marketplace. Can a qualified person walk into my business, take over, and earn the same amount that I do? If the business IS the owner, it would be an impediment to the chances of a sale. For example, if your business is derived from your personal reputation and/or relationships whereby the day you leave the business, so do the customers, it is not worth a dime to a buyer. The more you are separated from the ongoing viability and continued operations of the business, the better the odds of a new owner being able to keep it alive and well. So, if you've developed methodo ...

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International Business Brokers Association Is Holding Its 46th Semi-Annual Conference This Month

The International Business Brokers Association is having its 46th Semi-Annual IBBA and M&A Conference this month, November 11 -17, 2007, in Dallas - Frisco, Texas. The International Business Brokers Association® (IBBA®) is the largest international non-profit association operating exclusively for the benefit of people and firms engaged in the various aspects of business brokerage and mergers and acquisitions. Today, the IBBA has more than 1,950 cooperative business brokers and intermediaries across Canada, Mexico, Asia, Europe, Australia and the United States. The association represents professional, ethical and practice standards by which its members operate. This semi-annual event is seven days of professional development and top-notch education and networking. Educational and Workshop courses number close to 100 and include such topics as: Up-to-date legal and tax issues that impact business transfer transactions Analyzing and recasting financial statements Techniques f ...

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Variables That Determine The Buyer's Offer to Purchase A Business

When you are selling your business you should be prepared for the different types of deal structures that may be proposed from various buyers. A business sale often consists of multiple elements like cash at close, seller notes, non-competes, books and records adequate enough for business financing by lending institutions, allocation of assets, capital gains, etc. More often than not a first time seller will actually put out his or her hand in a stop gesture and reply, “I only want the full price in cash at close.” This article will discuss some of the selling company characteristics that directly effect both the selling price and the terms. Selling Company Revenue Composition - This is a very important factor in determining how much a buyer will pay for your business and how much will be in cash at closing. If 80% of your annual revenue is a result of contractually recurring revenue, you can command both a premium price and a deal heavily weighted in cash at close. On the other hand, if you have little or no ...

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Selling Your Business - The Hardest Sale You Will Ever Make & 9 Keys to Making It Count

Selling Your Business - The Hardest Sale You Will Ever Make & 9 Keys to Making It Countthe 9 Keys to maximizing The Price and Minimising the StressThey say the three most stressful times in a person’s life are when they get married, buy a house and change jobs. Well, try selling a business? It’s your baby, the thing you have built over 15 years. You have put your heart, soul and an incalculable number of hours into it. Now you are going to sell it.There are many things you need to do and consider, but these seven areas are of immense importance when it comes to finding a buyer, selling the business and getting the most value for it.1. Think about who would want to buy your businessDo you have employees that have the management ability and the mindset of an owner and the ability to access capital to pay for the business? If these people aren?t working for you now, do you have time to recruit them and teach them the business with an understanding that they might take over?What about your suppliers, customers or ...

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Top 5 Questions to Ask Before You Sell Your Business

We often spend the least attention on the decisions that affect us most. Entrepreneurs pour heart and soul into building a business, often with the unexamined belief that the right exit will be bestowed on us as a reward for our hard work. On the other hand, seasoned successful CEO’s will tell you that planning for the exit is absolutely key to achieving financial success. The most important questions to ask before selling your business are:
1. When is the right time to sell the business?
2. What steps are necessary to prepare the company for sale?
3. What role do I want to play after the sale?
4. Who are the potential buyers?
5. Where should I go for help in selling the business?