You may have been reading or hearing that conditions in the business-for-sale marketplace have been synchronizing and harmonizing. The stars are aligning, charting an agreeable economic climate in the acquisition universe for Baby-Boomer Business Owners.

Anyone reading our newsletters has been kept aware of the stats, and the numerous articles written on this subject recently from all the big-name business magazines, media news outlets, and others like us: "There's a perfect storm reigning for exiting business owners," "Why you should consider selling your business now," "Small businesses are selling faster than ever," and "Get set for greater intensity by serious buyers."

It's about timing it right. And right now, the time is golden.

The ideal time to sell a business is when....

  • The stock market is hot/high (it is)
  • Interest rates are low (they are)
  • Inflation rate is low (it is)
  • Financing is abundant (it is)
  • Market is brisk (it is)
  • When demand is higher than supply (it is)
  • Buyers abound (they are)
  • Pricing is favorable (it is)
  • The company is performing well (is it?)
  • The owner is ready (are you?)

Today's economic atmosphere and the aging population of boomer business owners seem to be aligned, the perfect window for an exit.

The moon may not be in the seventh house. And only an astrologer knows for sure if Jupiter has aligned with Mars. But we can all recognize the glaring signs hinting that now is looking like the Age of Aquarius for selling businesses.

We don't need a crystal ball to see the revelations. We're shining the light on the clear circumstances that signal that the timing could not be better for owners of good-performing companies in many industry sectors to consider selling. With prices and demand at current levels, it could be a good time for even some not-so well-performing companies to sell.

However, for those who have not prepared for such an event, start first with understanding the aspects of your business that determine its salability.....from the financial aspects to the other drivers of business value. Get to know the process and what to expect. Gain an understanding of the motives of your most probable buyer, anticipate their questions, vet potential problem areas of your business that might inhibit or delay an eventual sale. These are all keys to having a positive result in the business-for-sale universe.

The bottom line is that markets change quickly, and business values change along with it. We touted these same conditions during the period 2006 through early 2008. And, well, after that.....the economic winds of change occurred. Take advantage of the few years ahead in 2018 and 2019 while the market is ripe to sell a company.

I suggest that it's better to look back on this auspicious time and know you sold your company at the right time, or to look back and know that you at least gave appropriate consideration to this subject.

Is this window in time your opportunity to enjoy your golden years?