HOUSTON, TX (PRWEB) February 7, 2007 - As the prospects of political turmoil and economic instability develop in Latin America, Houston business brokers see increased inquiries about buying a business.

Business Brokers in Houston, Texas, are noticing an increase in activity as some countries in Latin America experience political turmoil with leftist governments taking Office. The number of inquiries from various countries has increased substantially as nationalization measures are announced in Venezuela and other leftist Governments in the region.

“Up to last year, the number of foreign nationals that contacted our office, other than the traditional investor, was composed primarily of people that were interested in making an acquisition or purchasing a business in order to move to the United States primarily for personal security or medical reasons. Recently though, people want to leave because of political and economic instability. The number of inquiries has consistently been growing as leftist Governments are being sworn in the region after being elected democratically," said Rose Stabler, Managing Partner of Certified Business Brokers, the largest business brokerage firm in Houston.

In particular, the increased calls and Internet inquiries have increased from citizens from Venezuela, Ecuador and Nicaragua, as well as from other areas in Mexico where political unrest has become a source of concern. “The political climate in these particular countries now facing news of nationalization and debt moratorium policies create a reasonable level of anxiety that motivates business owners and investors to migrate to safer grounds,” said Carlos Sanchez, a broker at Certified Business Brokers who specializes in assisting Latin American clients.
Nationals of most Latin American countries remember the severe financial decline of the eighties and nineties where most of the region was rocked by the Tequila, Tango and Samba effects that created deep economic crisis in countries such as Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, and that subsequently spilled to neighboring countries. Investors from these countries know firsthand the fiscal consequences of ill-designed economic policies and leftist political decisions. Economic stability becomes a coveted commodity and the best way to protect their financial interests and families is by investing in countries such as the United States with proven political and economic stability.

Most of this capital and human migration has a very positive effect on the recipient regions. They experience not only an increase in investment but also benefit from educated entrepreneurs that bring new ideas and know-how into the business communities that welcome them.

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