If you are an owner of a privately-held small business.....

You are the heart of American commerce. You are part of the engine that drives our economy and creates jobs. You have built your business up over time. We recognize and applaud your achievements. We are much like you in that nearly all of us have walked in your shoes by owning and running a company ourselves.

Now you are considering letting go. You are considering your options for selling the business.

You understand the importance of confidentiality and wonder how you can market your business without disclosing sensitive information prematurely, or disturbing the status quo. Your trusted advisers, such as your CPA, have helped you manage your business to minimize your tax liabilities. Now, however, you wonder if the income statements negatively impact your eventual asking price for the business. You wonder if you could discreetly line up a buyer yourself. Problem is, you know what you don’t know. You know about running your business, but in your heart you know this deal is the deal of your life. You need to know you’re getting the best possible exposure and price. You need to know how to qualify your buyer prospects and their offers. You don’t have the time or resources for a misfire. You know you will need help.

You need an experienced professional, someone whose business is selling businesses.

You need a business broker. Sure, your CPA and attorney may be involved, but they don’t sell businesses for a living. You need to choose a broker who has verifiable experience and a track record in your geographical area. You want a brokerage firm that holds current membership in appropriate professional associations because you want their knowledge and techniques to be current. You want a firm that has a large support staff that performs routine administrative and I.T. functions so the brokers can maximize their time actively selling your business. You want a professional broker who is part of a large local firm – a firm that has sold thousands of businesses locally and has many references. Getting quality offers for your business depends on receiving substantial high quality exposure to serious qualified prospective buyers.

Selling your business for the largest amount of money, for the best terms, and in the shortest possible time period is a numbers game. You want to put the odds in your favor.

Successfully selling your business is about packaging, but the best package goes nowhere without exposure. More exposure means more buyer prospects and exponentially better odds. You need leveraged representation in the marketplace with the prominence and visibility of a large, local business brokerage firm behind you. Strength in numbers will give you the leverage you need to achieve your goal...the successful sale of your business.

Numbers to look for when choosing your business brokerage firm:
  • Number of years the firm has been in business
  • Number of experienced brokers on staff
  • Number of current listings of businesses for sale
  • Amount of focused advertising and visibility in your market area
  • Number of currently active buyers and number of new buyer inquiries made each month
  • Number of successful deals completed along with a list of the businesses that were sold

Other credentials that are important when choosing a business brokerage firm:

  • References from transaction-experienced attorneys and accountants
  • Relationships with Lending Institutions and other referral sources
  • Professional Association memberships
  • Licenses held
  • Who owns the firm and their background(s)
  • A locally established office headquarters
  • Support staff
  • Established Processes and Methodologies
  • A Verifiable Track Record of Successful Transactions