In today's business climate a strong online presence is vital. Prospective buyers of your business are googling you and your competitors to determine your standing.

Today's buyers of businesses are much more sophisticated than they used to be. One of the very first places a potential buyer will go to be introduced to and learn about your business is the Internet. What will the potential buyer find?

Is your website getting top rankings in search engine results? Are you actively using Internet marketing to keep your clients and customers engaged?

Dominating the major search engines for your profession or industry is an important asset when it comes time to sell the business. It takes time, perseverance, and dollars to get there and is viewed favorably by prospective acquirers of the business. Keeping in tune with modern technology is key to staying relevant and competitive.

If today's buyers, and your customers for that matter, cannot find you on the web, your business is loosing out. Lack of an Internet presence makes your business look old and antiquated. If you are thinking that a buyer of your business can implement a site, you are right. But it is going to cost you dearly. The buyer will "discount" any proposed offer they might make by their "assumed" cost of setting up a web presence and getting good rankings in the search engines.

The value of your business is based on "perceived value" in the eyes of the business buyer. Having a good presence on the Internet adds to the favorable perceptions of potential buyers.