If you buy a business in Texas, now is a good time to buy a business.

With a roller-coaster stock market, a not-quite bottomed-out real estate market, and interest rates so low, there is nowhere else that will yield a higher return on your investment than in your own business. In what other investment can you receive a return of 25% and higher, and over which you have control?

While many areas of the country might not be faring well, business owners in Texas reported higher sales growth than the rest of the country. Texas has consistently been one of the best economic engines in the nation and ranked the Best State For Business in 2010 and 2011. Texas is popping up on a lot of radar screens as a place to relocate or expand for businesses because of its future outlook for growth.

If you are looking for stability, better predictability and control in today's economy, buying a business in Texas can offer all of these as long as you invest wisely and purchase a quality business. Leave the pitfalls of chance behind. Invest in yourself. Create your own economy. Now IS a good time to buy a business in Texas.