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The business climate and economy in Houston, Texas is booming. When you find the right business in the right place... magical things can happen.

Houston's Economy Forecasted for Healthy Growth Into 2009

Since 2005 Houston has been enjoying employment growth at a higher percentage rate than the rest of the U.S. and is anticipated to keep the city's economic engine running. Houston Ranks Third in Employment Growth in U.S. After peaking late in 2006, the Houston economy has steadily lost momentum over the past six months. Despite this recoil, Houston still ranks high (in third place) among the 25 largest metro areas in the U.S. in terms of job growth, (+3.1% year over year in June 2007). Major sectors contributing to this strength include construction (+7.0% year over year), professional and business services (+4.4%) and leisure and accommodation services (+4.4%). The Energy/Petrochemical Sector is the Key Driver The key driver of Houston’s economy over the past two-and-a-half years has been the energy and petrochemicals sector, which is also the metro area’s major employer. High oil prices and healthy growth of profits in the industry have led to a surge in oil exploration, as well as ...

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Rocketing Houston Economy -- Small Business 101

Ayn Rand's John Galt could not have built a better machine than Houston's sturdy economic engine of today. In her epic novel, "Atlas Shrugged," published 50 years ago, manufacturing and transportation were Rand's focal points in the plot to stop the engine of the world. She understood the importance of business growth, entrepreneurialism, and free market capitalism. "Texas is a land of buccaneering capitalism." (The Economist, 12/19/02). In addition to having a low cost of living and a great quality of life, Texas has one of the nation's most favorable business environments. According to Forbes' new 2007 rankings published this month, Texas is in the Top five best states for business for the second year running. Another media outlet, CNBC, a financial news cable channel, this month designated Texas as the #2 state for business in their July 2007 press release. CNBC evaluated each state on 40 measures of competitiveness in 10 categories: Cost of doing business, work force, economy, education, quality of lif ...

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Houston is the Ultimate Dynamist City - Open for Business

Houston is Booming -- It's Not Only the Weather That's Hot Down Here. And it is "blooming" as well. As a further testament to the greatness of Houston and its buccaneering nature, read this Chronicle Op-Ed article by Tory Gattis. Viewpoints, Outlook Section Houston Chronicle June 10, 2007 BLOOMTOWN HOUSTON Ours is an opportunity city with a style uniquely its own. Let's quit wishing we were something else and let Houston be Houston. By TORY GATTIS Houston is at a turning point. With a boost from noted urbanist Joel Kotkin, our city has begun recasting its national reputation from "that ugly, sprawling, weird city without zoning" to the exemplar city for "Opportunity Urbanism," a compelling new paradigm for cities in the 21st century. This paradigm asserts that the fundamental (but recently forgotten) core mission of cities is to accelerate the upward social and economic mobility of its inhabitants. This may sound obvious to the average person, but in the wonkish world of urban policy and plan ...

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Texas Is No. 2 Place For Retiring Baby Boomers

Watch out, Florida! Texas has emerged as the No. 2 retirement mecca in the country. The Lone Star State has vaulted over Arizona and California and is gaining on the Sunshine State. The North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement, which is nationally known for tracking retirement migration trends, studied 2005 data from the U.S. Census Bureau on the number of Americans who move out of state to enjoy their golden years. "Older Americans who are looking to relocate upon retirement continue to move to sunny climes, but Texas has gained an edge over other Sun Belt states," said Bill Haas, the study's author. "Texas' lower living costs give it a distinct advantage." Texas' economy is among the better state economies in the country. In fact, Houston is No. 3 Business-Friendly City in the Nation. It has benefitted from the State's pro-growth policies, including no state income tax. Texas' natural attributes also appeal to boomers who plan to move when their first careers are over. Boomers are looking for war ...

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More Buyers Are Looking For Small Business Acquisitions in Houston

Investment groups and baby boomer corporate executives looking to get into action with companies of their own are making small businesses hot prospects these days. Buyers have money to spend and are turning more frequently to the local landscaping company or delivery company as good investments. There's no question that Houston-area small businesses are becoming more frequent targets for seasoned buyers currently combing the marketplace for investment opportunities. Houston's business-friendly climate is an attractive incentive for these categories of buyers who are more sophisticated about gauging the risks of acquiring small businesses. As a result, they are going after privately-held, well-oiled enterprises with an annual profit of at least $100,000. Manufacturing, trucking, distribution, and service-sector businesses are a few on the list of popular targets. Proof that the buying spree has heated up in Houston is partly in the growing ranks of business owners consulting with business brokerage firms ...

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Houston Small Business Owners Confident In Current Economic Climate

Administaff Announces Results of Business Survey and Compensation Data HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)Nearly 86% of small business owners say their companies are either growing as predicted or at a faster pace than forecasted, according to a Business Confidence Survey released May 8, 2007 by Administaff, with Headquarters located in Houston and a leading provider of human resources services for small and medium-sized businesses.Most of the companies – 81% – said they were positive about business conditions for the remainder of 2007, with 46% saying they plan to hire more new employees this year than they added in 2006. To fill positions, 52% said they are hiring full-time employees, while 16% said they planned to hire part-time workers.Administaff also released compensation data compiled from its client base of more than 5,700 small and medium-sized businesses throughout the country. A comparison of first-quarter data against the same period in 2006 shows that average compensation is up 6.6%.“It’s clear from the sur ...

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Houston and The Realignment of America

The Wall Street Journal had a quite long and comprehensive op-ed a couple of days agao titled "The Realignment of America" on demographic shifts since 2000. While getting the link, I also noted it has been one of the most popular - and the most emailed - stories that day at WSJ. The graphic is pretty cool, and makes it look like everybody is headed to Texas (or maybe Arkansas?). He analyzes the top 50 US metros, and puts them into four categories: Start with the Coastal Megalopolises: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago (on the coast of Lake Michigan), Miami, Washington and Boston. Here is a pattern you don't find in other big cities: Americans moving out and immigrants moving in, in very large numbers, with low overall population growth.... This is something few would have predicted 20 years ago. Americans are now moving out of, not into, coastal California and South Florida, and in very large numbers they're moving out of our largest metro areas. They're fleeing hip Boston a ...

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Boomers vs. Gen Y Business Owners -- Survey by Amex

We report on economic conditions and other issues that affect the Small Business Community and its future outlook. This survey is important because it is essentially an interview with the generations that hold, in their hands, the future impact of small business on our economy. The outlook is encouraging. Let's preface the Survey with why Small Business is so important to our economy. Small Businesses make up 97% of America's exporters and produce 26% of all export value. (Fred Smith, FedEx Corp. CEO May 2006) Small Businesses employ 50 percent of the country's private sector workforce (U.S. SBA June 2006) Small Businesses have generated 60 to 80% of net new jobs annually over the last decade (U.S. SBA June 2006) The estimated 25.8 million Small Businesses in the United States represent 99.7% of all employer firms. (U.S. SBA June 2006) In a Head-to-Head Match-Up Generations Agree Experience Gives Boomers the Advantage in Business; Gen Y More Passionate but Baby Boom ...

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Houston -- #3 Business-Friendly City in the Nation

Business is thriving in Houston........and No Wonder! Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States, located in a culturally diverse metropolitan region of 4.8 million residents – and growing at more than twice the national pace. It has a low cost of living, a well trained and educated workforce, has one of the largest ports in the nation for the expansion into the international marketplace, has no state income tax, and is one of the top business-friendly states in the nation. Houston is booming and is ranked #3 best Metro Area for doing business by Texas has the #6 best Business Tax Climate in the nation according to the Tax Foundation's 2007 State Business Tax Climate Index. The Tax Foundation, established in 1937 in Washington, D.C., provides unbiased tax information and presents facts and figures to educate the public about America's tax burdens and its impact on our economy. As reported by the Texas Workforce Commission (3/8/07), Houston's job growth rate was double t ...

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Houston is Booming -- It's Not Only the Weather That's Hot Down Here

"Texas is a land of buccaneering capitalism."- The Economist, 12/19/02 In addition to having a low cost of living and a great quality of life, Texas has one of the nation's most favorable business environments. By 2030 the U.S. Census Bureau projects Texas population will increase by 60 percent compared with 2000 and will be one of the three other states that account for nearly one-half of total U.S. population growth between 2000 and 2030. So........with all the environmental infrastructure in place, it's not surprising that we're off to a running start. Noted in New York Times article last week, Houston is experiencing its strongest resurgence in more than 20 years. The article cites energy, real estate development, and real estate investment as leading the way for the boom. There are, however, many other drivers contributing to the diverse economic health of Houston. The international trade and logistics sector is trucking along in the speed zone and will not be putting on the brakes anytim ...

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