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The business climate and economy in Houston, Texas is booming. When you find the right business in the right place... magical things can happen.

Buying or Selling a Business During Tough Times

With negative economic news grabbing the headlines in the United States, business owners may think it is not a good time to sell their company. But fortunately for owners looking to sell, that is not necessarily true. Business sales are still taking place with sellers capturing attractive prices and favorable terms, when the deal is structured properly. One of the the most important foundations of constructing a successful deal has always been a solid buyer, one that is creditworthy. Whether it is an individual, another company, or a Private Equity Group, qualifying criteria are demonstrated business acumen, significant assets to pledge as collateral, or a committed fund behind them. With a proven, credible buyer at the negotiating table, lenders are more likely to support the transaction. In today's environment, some seller financing should be expected to get the deal done. It is not uncommon during a tight economy that sellers must share the risks with the buyer and the lender in order to achieve ...

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Houston Business Acquisition Market Will Remain Brisk

The current status of the small business marketplace in Houston is dynamic. Buyers in every category are plentiful, our economic position is one of the top in the nation, business policies are in place for continued prosperity and growth, interest rates are at historic lows, and capital is available for business acquisitions. Fueling the Houston market are the different categories of buyers: Individuals, Strategic Buyers, and Investment Buyers. For example, a variety of people in the Individual Buyer Category are: early baby-boomer corporate retirees corporate refugees who have suffered a downsize foreign buyers seeing U.S. businesses as investment opportunities while the dollar is still valued lower against their own currency 30-something-up-and-comers aggressively buying and building Strategic and Investment Buyers are also actively looking for opportunities to take part in Houston's prosperous future outlook. Increasingly, corporate America, both public and privately- ...

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Houston, Keep Your Seatbelts Buckled As Our Economy Takes Off

Despite a sluggish economy in the U.S., Houston is still displaying its buccaneering spirit. While the oil boom is a large part of the Bayou City's good fortune, it is not the only gusher pouring out prosperity. A diversified business base is the fuel that powers Houston's shining-star status. Newsweek published an article this weekend titled, Houston, We Have No Problems, that every advocate of Houston would want to read. It addresses the varying aspects of what makes our city so hot, and it wasn't talking about our summer heat. Houston's cash registers are ringing with big ticket items, construction crews are fully employed, and upscale restaurants are cooking. We are experiencing an unsinkable residential real estate market, Class A office space is virtually full, and a variety of construction projects are underway to keep up with demand. The article also purports that pessimists here are as rare as Birkenstock sandals and Obama '08 stickers in ExxonMobil's parking garage. The article inform ...

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Why Does Houston Have the Second Most Fortune 500 Companies in the Nation?

As Bill Clinton might have said using the phrase he coined in 1992, "It's the Houston economy, stupid." The new 2008 Fortune 500 list of annual rankings of America's largest corporations is out. Houston is called home by the second largest number of the companies on the list, second only to New York City. Houston has been steadily adding to its collection of Fortune 500's for the past several years, while New York's number has declined. Houston had 20 Fortune 500's in 2005, 22 in 2007, and now has 25. But New York City has dropped from 45 to 43. So Houston had a net gain of +5 in one year. But that's using city data, not metro. If you count The Woodlands as part of Houston, we pick up Anadarko, for a total of 26 Fortune 500's and a net gain over NYC of +6. Houston stands well ahead at the #2 spot with Dallas (12), Chicago (12), and Atlanta (9) lagging considerably behind. More and more businesses keep opening in our city and the big businesses keep coming as well. People keep moving here too. Our pop ...

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Fortune Small Business Puts Houston in Top 5 Places for Manufacturing

Fortune Small Business scoured the country for the 100 Best Towns To Live and Launch a Business for 2008, as published in April. They looked for towns that combine a great business environment with alluring leisure offerings. They looked at economic conditions such as local taxes rates alongside natural beauty and easy access to museums, and more. Of the 100 Best Places to Live and Launch, the four major cities in Texas were represented: Georgetown, a suburb of Austin (No. 2), Dallas / Fort Worth (No. 9), San Antonio (No. 34), Stafford, a suburb of Houston (No. 36) Fortune further spells out some of the benefits of the cities chosen. 7 tax-free havens Texas was selected as one of the best tax-free havens with business-friendly policies that can save a proprietor big bucks: Texas No personal income tax, low business gross receipts tax. Although petroleum refining is one of Texas' primary industries, the state's economy relies on a wide variety of fields, including manufacturing, agricu ...

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Houston Leads the Nation in Employment Growth for Metro Areas in U.S.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' April 29, 2008 release, the Houston Metropolitan Area is still leading the nation in year over year job growth. The stats not only indicate Houston as the hottest job market, it highlights the fact that Texas' other three major metro areas are dominating the job scene as well. Two of the four metros in the U.S. that have added the most jobs are in Texas, Houston being #1 and Dallas/Fort Worth #3. Four of the five top metros with the highest employment growth rate statistics are in Texas, with Houston, again, being 1, Austin #2, San Antonio #3, and Dallas, #5. More proof that Texas is doing better than most states when it comes to economic worries is that the four major Texas cities are being called "recession proof", according to April 29, 2008 article that lists Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas in the top ten most recession-proof cities in the nation. Among other things, Forbes looked at unemployment data and median home p ...

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Houston From A Chicago Point Of View

I found this post by Chicago Addick interesting and comical as he describes the wonders of Houston from a Northerner's point of view. The writer seemed amused, amazed, appreciative, and condescending all at the same time: Houstonians spend more time in their cars than their homes and perhaps then understandably spend more money on their car loan repayments than their mortgages! Houston sprawls for over 600 miles and is connected by a spaghetti of freeways and highways. Two million people live in America's fourth biggest city that grew from wilderness to a booming economic centre. Only New York is home to more Fortune 500 company headquarters. In 1901, a year after displaced Texans from coastal Galveston moved inland to Houston following a deadly hurricane, oil was discovered at the Spindletop oil field near Beaumont. Much money was then invested in the ship canals and later into the formation of the Port of Houston, now the largest in foreign imports in the US, which includes nearly all European cars ...

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Got Business? Houston Does -- Here's Why!

The Houston metropolitan area ranked fourth in the nation for overall population growth between 2006 and 2007, according to new census data released last month. The increase is attributed to our job market and booming economy. We have full-occupancy in our Class A office space, and we have experienced the #1 job-growth rate in the country (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) due to the opportunities available in our expanding market. Barton Smith, a University of Houston economist, said about two-thirds of Houston growth is from migration from other states. "That only happens when the economy is doing substantially better than other places," Smith said. "Houston's economy is going to continue to outperform the national economy in a significant way, so when unemployment starts to creep up in other parts of the country, many people are going to leave Michigan and Ohio and Florida and look for jobs here." Many Texas cities enjoy a strong economy and low unemployment and as a result Gov. Rick Perry annou ...

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Inc. Magazine - "It's a Seller's Market for Buying Businesses."

It's all about supply and demand. Potential buyers and sources of capital for the acquisition of profitable privately-held companies is plentiful while the supply of businesses on the market is not. This makes a profitable, established business a hot commodity and in demand. Inc. Magazine spells it out in this month's issue, "The Most Valuable Businesses in America." During my first conversation with Darren Dahl in February, in preparation for his writing the article for Inc. Magazine, he wanted to understand what drives the value of a business and why some businesses are more desirable than others. I first described the Houston marketplace, which enjoys one of the top economies in the nation. Location, location, location is always a value driver, and a business location is no exception. I've been writing about Houston's hot economic climate for over a year now and told Mr. Dahl that Houston is a "bulls eye" target for business acquisitions because of it. We cannot satiate the marketplace of buyer ...

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Selling A Business In Houston - It's Still Hot!

Back in March 2007 I wrote an article touting Houston's booming economy. In revisiting that article, while there is certainly economic turmoil on today's national scene, Houston is still hot! The reason for this blog post is to share some of our current hands-on observations and experiences that keep us aware of the climate in Houston. And, I'm not talking about green house gases or other global warming theories. These are facts straight from the microeconomic level. Our firm is like a barometer for the Houston business marketplace. We know what business owners are feeling and thinking -- they talk to us. Everyday, we visit with these entrepreneurial people who are keeping Houston's economy as one of the best in the nation. And, we also serve as the information source for those who want to become business owners. Yes, they talk to us too. They are calling from New York, California, Ohio, Canada, England, well -- in other words, we are seeing international interest in Houston for business acquisitions. ...

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